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Selected Media

Find media highlights from Dr. Epel on Stress and Aging, Hope and Compassion During Times of Crises, Resilience, Breathing, and Stress and Eating


Elissa has also curated a mental health library resource for crises from experts-- mini videos and written resources at

Stress and Aging

Control Stress for Healthy Eating, Metabolism & Aging | Huberman Lab Podcast

April 3rd, 2023

Watch Dr. Epel and Dr. Andrew Huberman discuss stress, eating, aging, and metabolism on the Huberman Lab Podcast!

What stress does to your body (it isn’t always bad!)

Mar 20, 2020

5-minute overview on acute vs chronic stress and telomere length! According to UCSF’s Dr. Elissa Epel, not all stress is the same. Hint: It’s all about *how* you react to the things that stress you out.

Cell Aging, Mindset, & Longevity

Jan 9, 2011

Don't worry, live longer: The UCSF researchers Dr. Elissa Epel and Dr. Calvin Harley show how psychological stress causes our cells to age by helping to shorten telomeres, the DNA at the very tips of our chromosomes at TedMed 2011. 

Lifespan Expanded: The Scientific Quest For A Fountain Of Youth

April 28, 2022

We’re born, we grow old, we die. It’s a rhythm long considered inevitable. But is it? Or is aging merely a disease awaiting a cure? Will science one day stave off aging or even reverse it?

The Telomere Effect: Living Healthier and Longer with Dr. Elissa Epel at Happiness & Its Causes 2019

Sep 4, 2019

Elissa describes “The Telomere Effect” at the Sydney, AU, 2019 Annual conference: Happiness and its Causes. 

Dr. Elissa Epel on Telomeres and the Role of Stress Biology in Cellular Aging

Jun 10, 2019

Dr. Epel shares the latest research on telomeres and the role of stress biology in cellular aging as a guest on Found My Fitness with Dr. Rhonda Patrick. 

Generations over Dinner (Over Lunch)

Dec 21, 2022

Intergenerational relationships are important now than ever, at a time when we are especially segmented into age silos.  Hear a panel on this moderated by Michael Hebb, including Lois Epel.

Hope and Compassion During Times of Crises


Embracing Hope, Courage, and Compassion in Times of Crisis

Dec 8, 2022

His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Dr. Epel and Michelle Shiota discuss how to embrace the current moment with compassion, courage, and purpose.


Mental Health Resources for Crises (Climate, Pandemics, and Personal Crises)

Dr. Epel spearheaded the created of COPE, a library of mental health resources that aims to help our community cope during a crisis. This includes videos and instructions from psychology experts. Check it out!


Listen: How should we cope with the pandemic now

Aug 6, 2021

Listen to Dr. Epel talk about pandemic stress and the delta surge on the Fifth & Mission podcast! 

First Person: Stress Scientist Elissa Epel On Where She Finds Hope

Aug 21, 2021

Dr. Epel joins the First Person diary to talk about resilience in the face of social isolation caused by the COVID shutdowns.


Coping with coronavirus: An upside of anxiety, the curse of panic

Mar 16, 2020

Dr. Epel joins SF Gate to talk about coping with anxiety and panic during the pandemic. 

The pessimistic generation; How grown-ups can grow up and give kids give hope 

Oct 29, 2021

Pessimism in children is becoming a rampant issue. Tune in for Dr. Epel's advice on overcoming pessimism and prioritizing mental health. 


Eliss Epel and Rick Hanson: Strengthening your Body Agaisnt Stress

Mar 26, 2018 

Dr. Epel joins Rick Hanson to discuss the impacts of stress on your body and what you can do to protect, strengthen, and repair it.

Stress and Resilience with Elissa Epel and Dacher Keltner

May 11, 2021

Dr. Epel  and Dr. Keltner talk about building stress resilience and bouncing back from hardship. 

Zen Brain: Complexity and Connectivity: The Emotional Ecosystem (Part 8a)

Feb 7, 2016

Listen to Dr. Epel's intriguing work regarding our emotional ecosystem. Her research demonstrates that our well-being, through our extended mind, shapes the health of microbiota and mitochondria.



Could Breathing Techniques be the key to aging slower?

Oct 19, 2018

Megyn Kelly TODAY talks with Dr. Elissa Epel and Dr. Aric Prather on their research on how different breathing techniques may impact aging. 

Deep Breathing: A Fundamental Part of Stress Reduction

Sept 24, 2020

Dr. Epel describes how simply slowing our breathing rate can reduce arousal in our autonomic nervous system. 


Feeling anxious? The way you breathe could be adding to it

Jan 8, 2021

Did you know that the rate and depth of your breath can be a huge determine to your mental health? Read more about research on breathing and mental health!

Stress and Eating

Food and the Aging Brain: Updates on Nutrition and Cognitive Health in Older Adults

Nov 19, 2020

*10 minute summary starts at 38 minutes!

Dr. Elissa Epel gave a talk at the National Academy of Sciences Food Forum, on Nutrition and Mental Health. This webinar explored the relationship between nutrition and dietary patterns and the aging brain. 

The Illusion of Control- Human Behavior and Donuts: Dr. Elissa Epel at TEDxSF

Dec 12, 2012

Listen to Dr. Epel's TedX talk on the relationship between pereceived control, stress, and eating behaviors. 


Emotional well being research, and overview of compulsive eating interventions

Jun 23, 2022

*Compulsive eating and sugary drinking update starts at 40 minutes 

Tune into Dr. Epel's discussion on the relationship between stress and compulsive eating and related interventions, such as mindfulness-based training modules.

Climate Crisis and Resilience 

A Future We Can Love: Inner Transformation to Outer Climate Action

July 6, 2023

This broadcast will explore how the inner dimensions of climate change—mindsets, psychological resilience, and spirituality—can lead to transformation and action. . 


Mind and Life Summer Research Institute: The Mind, the Human-Earth Connection, and the Climate Crisis 

Jun 6, 2021 - Jun 11, 2021

Dr. Epel co-chaired the Mind and Life Research Institute's weeklong seminar. It highlights talks by inspiring leaders in climate repair, resilience, and activism. You can watch for free (or give a donation)!


Mental Health Resources (COPE Website): Coping with Wildfires and Climate Change Crises

Check out the resources that Dr. Epel curated for coping with climate crises! 

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