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The Telomere Effect 

You have found The Telomere Effect!

Now you must be wondering, what are telomeres? And why should I care about mine?


Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn and I spent several years bringing the full story of telomere science to the public. Our book, The Telomere Effect travels from basic cell biology to the cell-shaping triggers in daily life to societal factors that are linked to telomere maintenance.  Stress and personality styles have been associated with telomere length.  Here we share with you the self-scoring quizzes from the book, and free chapters on stress and on social environmental factors that affect telomeres, in ENGLISH, SPANISH, or CHINESE! We also offer our advice on how to test your telomeres.

Listen to Liz Blackburn's TED Talk on the science of cells that never get old, which has over 2 million views. You can also hear Liz and I talk about resilience, diet patterns, and mechanisms here

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We are thrilled that the Telomere Effect has been printed in over 30 languages!  

The Telomere Effect is a New York Times bestseller under Science, and since then it was named the best book of the year by Women’s Health Magazine, Top 6 most life changing wellness books by Esquire Magazine, and noted on the Best Brainy Books of the last decade.

"An extraordinary, illuminating synthesis of biological and psychosocial factors that enhance healthful longevity by their effects on telomeres. These new advances in knowledge enable people to attain longer, healthier lives."

―Albert Bandura, professor emeritus, Stanford University, United States National Medal of Science awardee

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